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Welcome to the new Signature Museum.

The Signature Museum, was once (1996 or 1997, I guess) founded on the student server of the faculty of “Mathematics and Technical Informatics”, during my study at the Delft University. The museum started as a small collection of funny and interesting signatures, in the days when HTML email was still non-existent and plain old ASCII was the way to express yourselves on a light and dark green terminal.

Through email contacts, news groups and mailing lists I collected a larger number of email signatures and people started sending me new signatures and ASCII art to add to the museum. The museum would not have existed without these contributions.

Later, after I finished my study, the museum moved to De Digitale Stad (Dutch for “The Digital City”). The museum has existed here for over 10 years, but has hardly been maintained, due to lack of time.

The Signature Museum now (September 2012) been reopened on my new web server under my own domain name.

As said above, the Signature Museum would not have existed without contributions, so please send me yours at signaturemuseum@menno.pieters.cx.

For now, enjoy your visit and have a look at the “antiques” in all of the categories above.

Menno Pieters

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