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Bill Oconnor

*  When the NEWS is bad!  --  SHOOT the messenger!  *

Jos Severens <>

fighting for peace is the as fucking for virginity


=       ====    Meindert Fokkinga        
= =   = ====    
=   =   =       Dy 't oan de wei timmert
=   =   =       suzje de earen


CAVE CHEESEM (know your Latin)


The more we grow,
The more we feel,
The More we feel, the more
        we suffer.

“Reginald H. Gibbs” <>

There was peace everywhere.  They had a war and nobody came.

Terry J Watts (England)

There are no strangers in life, only friends you've not yet met


Edwin Hoogwerf (Holland)


Edmund Blackadder: Baldrick, you couldn't recognise a subtle plan if it
painted itself purple and danced on a harpsicord
singing:" Subtle plans are here again!"


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